Two-Year Classroom Program (ETYCP)


This program prepared the students for JEE‐Advanced and JEE Main to give best desired output and performance. This 480‐hours course is divided into four phases. It includes comprehensive training,
practice sessions in the form of tutorial classes and also final review in Jan 2019 in the form of revision classes. This course will be completed by mid‐January 2019. Narayana always keep’s itself abreast with the latest changes announced by HR ministry and IIT‐JEE council. Hence CBSE had always been the part of our academic curriculum and teaching pattern. We have tried to impart more focused inputs to our students by re‐structuring our course curriculum. This will take care of all the needs of the students for enhanced performance in XII Boards and competitive exams with good percentage.

Narayana has a very virtuous back ground in schooling along with preparing students for various competitive exams. Thus, at every stage we could recognize the pulse and requirements of our students
for desired output and better performance. Further, to cater the academic needs of our students and to continue the trend of best results, we have re-structured our teaching pattern and course curriculum.
This program prepares the students for JEE Main & JEE Advanced to give the best desired output and performance.

This program comprising of more than 700-hours is divided into five phases. It includes comprehensive teaching starting with Bridge Course*, practice sessions in the form of tutorial classes and final review in
December 2019/ January 2020 in the form of revision classes.

  • The first three phases comprising of class XI syllabus & JEE syllabus will be completed by the end of January 2019. In each phase, topic-wise Board syllabus would be covered first, followed by JEE level
    training of the same topic. Phase IV & V comprising of JEE and class XII Board syllabus will be completed from April to November 2019. This allows, the students enough time for revision and
    Board preparation along with JEE .
  • Every phase will have an integrated CBSE teaching pattern and will have two stages

STAGE I : Coverage of Topics from CBSE level :

Narayana has the system of imparting inputs through Micro-Schedule based teaching. This channelizes the efforts of our students in the right direction for desired output. Thus we will follow the NCERT
sequence to cover all the topics of respective Phases, first from CBSE level.

STAGE II : Coverage of topics from IIT-JEE level :

Narayana has an academic edge and proven track record over its competitors for preparing its students for IIT-JEE and Other Competitive Exams. Thus, in Stage II, we will impart IIT-JEE Level inputs of the same topics as taught in Stage I for CBSE. Thus on the basis of the above inputs, we would ensure the desired performance of our students in CBSE, so that they can compete to achieve their dream with a best rank in competitive exams also.

  • Each of the phases will have a Phase Test, which may also be considered as a “reshuffling test”, i.e. the student’s batch can be changed as per his/her performance in these tests to maintain a
    homogenous level of competence among students of different batches. In this regard the decision of concerned authority will be final and binding.
  • Early completion of the course ensures ample time for revision as well as time for XII Board preparations.
  • CPT (Common Practice Test) at all India level will be conducted every week based on JEE pattern and few CBSE Board pattern tests will be conducted in between.


Regular Batch                            : Classes 3 to 4 days a week, after school hours, other than vacations. During vacations the classes can be held in the morning hours as well.Course Commencement : April / May / June / July, 2019
Duration                                      : More than 700 hours.
Course Highlight                    : This course prepares you simultaneously for CBSE syllabus and JEE strategically. It clears all doubts and elevates you to a standard of excellence, Study Material and CPTs are part of this program.
Mode of Admission                   : Admission-cum-Scholarship Test to be held from January 2019 to July 2020

* The Bridge Course is specially designed to provide elementary knowledge of core concepts, which will be used frequently throughout two years. Regular classes will start after Bridge Course is
completed. The duration of Bridge Course is in addition to 700 hours course coverage.

APEX Two-Year Integrated Classroom Program (AICP)

Apex Integrated Classroom Program has been designed to cater the need of students who want to balance schooling and coaching and hence utilize their time and energy for achieving their goal to crack JEE in first

Total Classroom interaction in this program will be more than 1400 hours. The whole of JEE & CBSE syllabus will be covered in five Phases.

All the five subjects (English & fifth subject) will be taught along with JEE syllabus.

First three phases comprising of Class XI CBSE and JEE syllabus will be covered by the end of January 2019. Hence, each topic will first have CBSE level coverage, followed by JEE level coverage of the same topic.

Phase IV & V of Apex Integrated Classroom Program will start from April end 2019 and will continue till November end 2019. In these phases we will also cover the CBSE topics pertaining to class XII Syllabus, to
ensure good success in Board Exams along with JEE & other competitive exams. From December 2019 onwards, Review classes will be held for revision of JEE Concepts. This will give ample time to the students for revision and consolidation of the knowledge and skills taught well ahead of CBSE Board exams & JEE.

Common Practice Test (CPT):

It is a weekly test conducted all over India among Narayana students. It gives our students unique opportunity to perform weekly and see their rank potential among the real JEE aspirants. It is the life line
of every program offered by Narayana. Besides keeping the students competitive and motivated, it helps them to realize their full potential. After taking several CPTs our students become confident and prepared that even the JEE paper becomes easier for them.

We believe that excellent academic training and preparation along with continuous practice is the essence of success in Boards / JEE and other competitive examinations. Thus there will be 4 CPTs in a month to keep a check regularly on student’s performance and to support them to work on their deficient areas
through analysis provided to them.

Types of CPTs :

  1. JEE pattern : CPTs to be held in first three weeks of the month will be based on JEE pattern of the respective topics considered in the particular week for the test.
  2. CBSE pattern: To equip the students with necessary practice for good score in CBSE boards, few CBSE test will be conducted based on CBSE pattern in between of CPTs.

Regular Batch : Classes will be held 6 days a week.
Duration : 1400 hours
Course Commencement : April/May 2019
Course Highlight : This course prepares you simultaneously for CBSE syllabus and JEE both. Study Material and CPTs are part of this program.
Mode of Admission : Admission-cum-Scholarship Test to be held from January
2019 to May 2019.

SPARK Two-Year Integrated Classroom Program (STYCP)

Narayana Spark CO program is born in the pursuit of excellence. Once Narayana had students who were willing to put their best efforts, it came up with an entirely new concept crafted on its own which
revolutionized the entire country. NARAYANA SPARK CO Program was incepted in 2008 with a vision and toil of Dr. P. Narayana, an established Academician and a great visionary. The main aim of Dr. P. Narayana was to provide all that is needed for a student to make him perform to his optimum level and get a coveted rank in JEE and during this journey to achieve international recognition in the form of International Olympiad Medals. Narayana on a global scale provided a platform in form of spark batch to encourage competition among students with innovative skills, commitment & an ability to transform the best in

The success of our students was inspiring and so was their faith in NARAYANA SPARK CO Program. It is not a rigid system that we follow but a tailor made program for each of our students which makes us stand apart from the rest. Every individual is made to realize his/her potential and is facilitated to achieve what is considered unachievable. It’s just not the numbers that we are proud of, but the quality of our

Secret of Winning!

The students at spark batch study with no time limits. They get an Academic support of 24 × 7, to bring out the best in them, as we simply believe to be on the top means leaving behind everyone in all respect
and that includes rigorous, self motivated directional hard work, matched with unparallel support, motivation and guidance from the highest level. We just polish the diamond in you without disturbing
your originality. We achieve the impossible just by rekindling the deep desire in you to excel and not by forcing things on you. If you have the will to reach the top, we have the means to achieve it.

Regular Batch : Classes will be held 6 days a week, 4½ hours of teaching per day + 3½ hours to 4½ hours of forced self-study (in the presence of faculty).
CPTs : 2 CPTs in a week on Saturdays and Mondays
Duration : 130 hours of teaching in a month
Course Commencement : 2nd week of April 2019
Course Highlight : Course completion by 30th June 2019. Revision will start from 1st July 2019.
Mode of Admission : Written Test strictly followed by the interview